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What is Tax Resolution and what is the benefit?

Tax Resolution involves evaluating your tax issues and representing you before the IRS to come to a resolution. Dealing with the IRS is overwhelming, intimidating and time consuming. Resolving tax issues with the IRS takes 9-12 months on average. We can ensure that you are represented fairly by a knowledgeable and ethical tax preparer and we can keep your case moving. 

What does Tax Resolution involve?

Tax resolution consists of implementing strategies to minimize the amount of tax, interest, and penalties for past tax debts that the IRS says you owe. We help individuals who owe back taxes, or who have several years of unfiled tax returns can get caught up and in good standing with the IRS. 

How can we help you?

We will help you get back on track! No more worries, we will make sure that the IRS isn’t overcharging you for taxes, penalties and interest. We understand it can be stressful and we can help make that less of a headache for you. 

  • We offer official representation by an experienced registered Tax Preparer.  
  • We obtain transcripts of your tax history directly from the IRS. 
  • We track your case from beginning to resolution and keep you informed of the progress on a regular basis
  • We will review and evaluate all of your options for settling and repaying your tax debts and find opportunities for tax savings. 
  • We can assist with setting a reasonable payment plan with the IRS, if you find yourself owing. 
  • We can assist with having liens and levies removed from your home and bank accounts.
  • We can file back tax returns for you

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